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Suggests Boycott Against Jews of Every Arabic and Moslem Country

A proposal to make the Jews of all Arabic and Moslem countries pay, by means of an anti-Jewish boycott, for any losses the Palestine Arabs sustain through the alleged encroachment of the Jews in Palestine is contained in the Arab paper “Falastin” as part of its comment on the breakdown of the Arab delegation’s negotiations in London.

The “Falastin” says, “The Jews lost an opportunity to arrive at an understanding with the Arabs owing to the Jews’ obstinacy and blind loyalty to Great Britain. An understanding and cooperation might have followed an Anglo-Arab agreement when the constructive and spiritual programme of Magnes and Einstein might have been accepted. Now, however, a rapprochement is removed from heaven and earth.

“We must continue the war against Zionism not only in Palestine but in all Arabic and Moslem countries. The strongest weapon is a complete boycott on all Jewish products. There are Jews in Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, Hedjaz, Tunis and Algeria who should pay a high price for the damage done to the Palestine Arabs.”