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Mt. Clemens, Mich. Board of Commerce Starts Movement Against Hebrew Kosher Signs

Evidence of an anti-Semitic movement has cropped up in Mt. Clemens, the mineral bath city which annually attracts thousands of Jews from every section of the land.

The board of commerce of Mt. Clemens, in a letter addressed to all members of the board, advocates that all local signs in the Hebrew language bearing the information that hotels and restaurants serve “strictly kosher” meals be removed and that they be replaced with English signs. The board of commerce advocates this “in fairness to everybody concerned, the letter stating that 98 per cent of the population as well as of the vistors are non-Jews who do not appreciate Jewish signs. Local residents deny the accuracy of these figures.

The letter of the board of commerce also objects to the display of signs on many non-Jewish hotels reading “strictly gentile” or Gentiles only.” The letter further states: “The good of the whole must be considered. We would like to suggest that if the kosher sign must go up that it be printed in English. Why leave these signs up the year round to accommodate a few visitors in the summer time?”