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Haifa Appears Likely to Be Mediterranean Terminus of Mosul Oil Pipe Line

Haifa seems likely to be the site of the Mediterranean terminus of the Mosul pipe line according to well informed observers here who see the Palestine port winning out over its Syrian competitors as a result of the recent return from Syria of a survey commission of engineers appointed by the Iraq Petroleum Company, owners of the Mosul oil concession, to investigate the various proposed sites. The commission has completed its survey and the fact that no statement has been issued leads informed opinion here to believe that Haifa has won out.

Sharp differences are known to exist between Great Britain and France as to the site of the Mediterranean terminus of the Mosul pipe line. The French would like it to be at one of the Syrian ports such as Tripoli or Alexandretta while the British are anxious to have it at Haifa. Since the majority of the shareholders in the Iraq Petroleum Company, which inherited the concession from the Turkish Petroleum Company, are British and American, it is believed that Haifa will finally be selected.

The problem has been studied by the British for some time and the plans for the oil terminal at Haifa have been completed on the assumption that the Mosul oil will be pumped to the Mediterranean on territory under British suzerainty.

It had originally been planned to shift the oil to the Persian Gulf completing the railway trunk between a port on the Gulf and Mosul but it was later found cheaper to pump the oil to Haifa on the Mediterranean.