Card Asking Lawyers’ Religion Abolished by Bar Association As Result of Protests
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Card Asking Lawyers’ Religion Abolished by Bar Association As Result of Protests

Because of the many protests against the card system employed by the Los Angeles Bar Association in keeping a survey for the purpose of obtaining lawyers for prospective clients, and which asked the lawyers to indicate whether they were Catholics or Protestants, the Bar Association has withdrawn the cards.

An editorial in the “Bnai Brith Messenger”, local Jewish paper, commenting on the evident prejudice shown by this method, was copied on the front page of the Los Angeles “Record,” a daily afternoon paper. As a result of this criticism being brought to its attention, the Bar Association issued the following letter to all of its members:

“About a year ago, the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles Bar Association, in order to be able to comply with the requests coming to this office ### names of lawyers capable of handling ### of legal work, installed a reference ### index, which was consulted by the Secretary office and a committee of three. This committee was changed every three months.

“A short time ago, the office mailed a new card, which, by inadvertence, asked in addition to other data, for information as to the religion and fraternal connections of the members. This card has been criticised by many members.

“This is to inform you that, by order of the Board of Trustees, all such cards received are being returned to the members, and the unused cards destroyed”.

Very truly yours,

Norman A. Bailie,


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