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Dissolution of Yevsektzia Splits Jewish Communists

A serious split in the ranks of the Jewish Communists of Ukrainia is the aftermath of the dissolution of the Yevsektzia, the Jewish section of the Communist Party. The Charkov “Shtern” points out that as a result of the dissolution of the Yevsektzia the Jewish Communists have split into assimilatory left wingers and nationalistic right wingers.

The “Shtern” says that while the left wingers are satisfied with the liquidation of the Yevsektzia, saying that its existence was never necessary, the right wingers feel that they have been removed from the controlling position in the small towns. Commenting on the split, the “Shtern” says, “the comrades of the right wing are complaining that their chances of a livelihood have been taken from them, but our reply to the right wing opportunists who desire to create a party within a party is to fight them.”