Jews Barricade Themselves in Houses As Pogrom Threatens
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Jews Barricade Themselves in Houses As Pogrom Threatens

A renewed pogrom panic prevails in the South of Bukowina, according to alarming reports reaching the Austrian papers here. The situation is particularly critical in the anti-Semitic centers of Vama and Kimpolung where the legendary “Prince” Dranila, a notorious anti-Semitic agitator, has assembled 2,000 peasants for pogroms.

The Jewish population in these regions is completely panic-stricken. They have hastily closed their shops and are barricading themselves in their houses. Even the police authorities are unable to cope with the peasants who are reported to have attacked the police officials, making a special target of the district police prefect Coparanu and the police chief Obilansky who vainly endeavored to maintain order.

While the fate of the Jews is still unknown military assistance. from Suceava is on the way to the affected districts and automobile loads of gendarmerie have also been dispatched to aid the local police.

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