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Roumania Criticized for Its Reassuring Statements While Onslaughts on Jews Spread

tors elsewhere. The newspapers of Czernowitz are particularly critical of the statement made by M. Angelescu on behalf of the ministry of the interior with regard to the disturbances in Bukowina. His communique is characterized as untrue.

The frequency of the government’s official communiques which generally play down the troubles while at the same time the number of the disturbances is increasing and spreading from one part of Roumania to another is impelling the press to place no credence in these official statements. Not only are they not being credited but the anarchic condition which the anti-Semitic excesses has assumed because the authorities in the towns and villages do not make use of the existing police and military forces is resulting in ridicule for the government’s announcements concerning the anti-Semitic disturbances.