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Government Says Order Prevails in Roumania but Preventive Measures Still Enforced

Order prevails throughout Roumania although preventive measures against the anti-Semitic disturbances are still enforced, according to an official communique issued today by the ministry of the interior. Sixty members of the anti-Semitic organization, Iron Guard, were prevented from entering the town of Focsani by the order of the local authorities.

The Iron Guard delegation was headed by the anti-Semitic chieftain, M. Codreanu. Danila and Nicolai Totu, two notorious agitators, who have been arrested three times in the past few weeks and each time released, were also refused permission to alight at Focsani on their way to Jassy.

In the meantime the order for the arrest of Colonel Negolescu, organizer of the anti-Semitic disturbances in Bukowina, has been confirmed by the Court of Appeal. The eighty peasants of Beoeceana who were arrested following anti-Semitic riots in that town will remain under arrest until the October session of the Court of Assizes. They are charged with rebellion and robbery.