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Roumanian Envoy in Berlin Says Reports of Anti-semitism Exaggerated; Sees Order Now

The opposition press in Roumania and the foreign newspapers are confusing two problems in their reports of anti-Semitic disturbances in Roumania, newspaper correspondents here were told today by M. Tasca, Roumanian ambassador to Germany. The troubles are Roumania’s internal political affairs and have nothing to do with anti-Semitism, he declared.

Pointing out that the attack on Dr. Constantin Angelescu, assistant minister of the interior, was made by a Macedonian student because he was dissatisfied with the government’s treatment of the Macedonians, the Roumanian envoy said that the disturbances were due to the peasants’ resentment against usurers and while they were not considerable the press had exaggerated them.

M. Tasca said that his government had already established order and that the Roumanian people do not have any anti-Semitic sentiments. He stated that there is no cause for anxiety because the government is punishing all irresponsible elements.