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Say Mexican Immigration Law Aimed Only at Those Without Capital or Means of Support

While the text of the proposed Mexican immigration law, which is reported to be particularly aimed at Jews and Chinese, is not yet available here, the Mexican Embassy today informed the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that it believes that the bill does not specifically mention any nationalities, being intended merely to exclude immigrants without capital or special means of support.

It is explained that it is this provision which has been interpreted as affecting Jews and Chinese. From a previous statement by the Embassy, however, it appears that Jews and Chinese are the primary object of the contemplated restrictive legislation, notwithstanding Mexico City’s endeavor to reduce this impression.

The second statement of the Mexican Embassy here explained that the reply received to its first inquiry in Mexico City did not state that Jews and Chinese were the only nationalities against whom the proposed immigration bill was aimed, but it did admit that Jews and Chinese were included.