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Entire Jewish Population of Trusheny Flees to Kishinev to Escape Anti-semites

has promised to investigate and to punish the guilty Bereshty officials for permitting the anti-Semitic disorders to last for two full days.

Minister of Justice Junian today issued an order to the provinces not to auction the property of peasants who are unable to meet their taxes, thus avoiding possible anti-Semitic excesses on the part of the dissatisfied peasants.

Senator Meyer Ebner, the Jewish representative from Czernowitz, today received a telegram from Dr. Constantin Angelescu, assistant minister of the interior, who was shot two weeks ago by an anti-Semitic student, thanking the Senator for the sympathies he expressed in connection with the attempted assassination.

Deputy Theodor Fisher, in a long letter in the Bucharest newspaper, “Lupta,” makes it clear that he never said that the recent fire in Borscha was not started by anti-Semites and that it was an accident, as government officials, including the minister of the interior, had quoted him as saying.