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Educators Help Jews to Lessen Prejudice

The handicap of the Jew who wants to get a job, go to college, or enjoy a full social life has been studied afresh by modern educators. The demand for a totally new approach to problems of prejudice has come from prominent Jews who were dissatisfied with over-sentimental methods for increasing understanding between Jews and non-Jews.

At their request, The Inquiry, an undenominational organization studying racial and religious conflicts, undertook to work with Jewish educators and rabbis in making educational experiments. In this work, methods for group study were evolved which can be adapted to the needs of Jewish clubs, fraternities, and classes. The methods enable a group to start with personal experiences and perplexities and, through discussion of these, to achieve clear thinking and practical solution of difficulties.

These educational procedures are now presented for the use of other Jewish groups in a book, Jewish Experiences in America, edited by Bruno Lasker. To help groups and individuals who want the most up-to-date information on Jewish problems, Mr. Lasker has included twenty-four articles by Jewish authorities covering almost every important aspect of the present situation.