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Government Approves Plans for Haifa-bagdad Railway

The plan for the construction of a railway from Haifa, Palestine to Bagdad, Iraq, was officially approved of by the British Government in a statement issued yesterday by the British Colonial Office. A grant of assistance from the Colonial Development Fund towards the cost of a detailed survey to be undertaken in connection with this project was approved.

The approval by the British Government of the Haifa-Bagdad railway project serves to confirm the report to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency from an Egyptian source that a direct railroad connection between Egypt and British India by way of Haifa, the rapidly growing Palestine port, would be built in the near future. The report stated that the connection would result from the construction of the Syrian-Trans-desert-Haifa Bagdad railroad which would link up with the British controlled Port Fuad-India line by way of Persia and Iraq.