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Executive’s Permit to Jewish Stores to Remain Open Sunday Irks Aldermen of Montreal

The action of the city executive in allowing Jewish stores to remain open last Sunday, the eve of Rosh Hashanah, has aroused the ire of many aldermen and of the League for the Observance of the Lord’s Day. In voicing their protest the aldermen claim that the action was illegal, while the League is planning to take the matter up with the provincial government. A delegation of the League will see Premier Tascherau this week.

Sunday rest is compulsory in the province of Quebec under the Lord’s Day Act. When asked about the action of the city authorities, Premier Tascherau said that the Lord’s Day Act is federal legislation whose operation is left to the provinces and no one has authority to grant permission which would mean transgression of the law. “Anyone can lodge a complaint against transgressors before the courts. The act being federal only the Dominion parliament can amend or suspend its operation,” the Premier declared.