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Drafting Ordinance for Giving Effect to Arab-jewish Wailing Wall Agreement when Reached

The office of the attorney-general is completing the draft of an ordinance begun by Attorney-General Bentwich which is designed to give effect to the Jewish-Moslem agreement on the Wailing Wall question when and if reached, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency learns. Even if the Moslems do not go beyond recognizing the Jewish right of access to the Wall without stipulating the present Jewish position, the ordinance now being drafted will recognize the right of the Jews to worship at the Wall.

It is felt here, however, that if the Moslems do not yield the Jews the right to hold public prayer at the Wall there is no purpose to further negotiations, especially since both the rabbinate and the Agudath Israel, Orthodox organization, are being subjected to pressure by Jewries outsides of Palestine against an agreement, Jewish circles outside of Palestine preferring to trust the Wailing Wall Commissioners to reach a just decision.