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Anti-semites Find Refuge from Reds in Synagogue

The liberal Frankfurter Zeitung today ridicules the Aryan fighting unit, the Stalhelm, the anti-Semitic and nationalistic war veterans’ organization, because some of its members yesterday sought refuge in a synagogue when they were attacked by a band of Communists. Two score members of the Stalhelm had stopped in Frankfort for drinks. A little bit under the weather the war veterans went out for a walk and met the Communists. The inevitable clash ensued and the war veterans fled.

The nearest refuge was the synagogue crowded with worshippers at Succoth services. The panic-stricken worshippers thought they were about to be attacked but after a brief explanation the sexton hid them in an ante-room and called the police. The Communists in the meantime were patiently waiting for their prey, certain that the Jews would not harbor the anti-Semites. Then the police arrived and routed the Communists. The harried war veterans then quit their hiding place in the synagogue and left the city.