Italian Jewry Fears New Law May Mean Fascist Meddling in Internal Jewish Affairs
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Italian Jewry Fears New Law May Mean Fascist Meddling in Internal Jewish Affairs

That the ratification of the new Jewish communities law defining and regulating the rights and functions of the Jewish communities has given rise to some anxiety that the Fascist regime may utilize the new ordinance as an opportunity for undue interference in the internal affairs of Italian Jewry, was evidenced in a telegram today from M. Sereni, president of the federation of Jewish Communities, to Premier Mussolini thanking him for the new legislation.

M. Sereni’s telegram expressed thanks to Mussolini and declared that the Jews would be happy to enter the ranks of the state organizations. “The government’s new legislation is in logical line with the development of Fascist legislation generally which aims at harmonizing the activities of all citizens under the direction of the all pervading structure of the state. All associations with practical aims must be brought under state control,” M. Sereni wrote.

He pointed out that the problem of whether the Fascist regime will meddle in the internal affairs of the Jewish communities depends largely upon the evolution of social and political theories among the Fascist intelligentsia. M. Sereni noted that, on the whole, the tendency to anti-Semitism is felt among certain ultra-Fascist groups but does not find a response in wider circles and is strongly curbed by the government.

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