Polish Envoy to U.S. Sees Anti-semitism Waning in Poland
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Polish Envoy to U.S. Sees Anti-semitism Waning in Poland

Anti-Semitism in Poland is vanishing and the economic situation of Polish Jewry will improve together with the general improvement of the economic situation in Poland. This was the statement made by the Polish ambassador to the United States, Titus Filipowicz, to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency on the ambassador’s return to New York from Poland.

“There is no doubt that Jews in Poland suffer materially now,” M. Filipowicz said. “This is a result of the generally bad economic situation in the country. Poland, however, is not the only country which suffers from an economic crisis now.

“But it is important to know that the anti-Semitic feelings which undoubtedly existed in Poland in former times are now gradually vanishing. It was surprising to see how much the psychology of the Polish people has changed. I can state with satisfaction that the situation in Poland is now such that anti-Semitic excesses, such as are unfortunately occurring now in other countries, are no more possible there,” the Polish ambassador said.

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