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Bookstein Says Effort to Disregard Jewish National Home Contradicts Mandate

Declaring that any effort to disregard the stipulation for the establishment of a Jewish National Home in Palestine is “a contradiction of the letter and spirit of the Mandate,” Isadore Bookstein, Republican candidate for Attorney General, issued a statement censuring England’s new Palestine policy through the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. He states :

“I have carefully studied the various documents with regard to the Palestine Mandate and its interpretation by the British government, and particularly the proceedings of the last session of the Permanent Mandates Commission for Palestine.

“The Mandates Commission laid down the principle that both parts of the Balfour Declaratioin were of equal importance. It criticized the British government for not having taken active measures to facilitate the establishment of the Jewish National Home.

“It is evident from the wording of the Balfour Declaration as well as from the Palestine Mandate that the establishment of the Jewish National Home is a positive if not creative and dynamic task that the Mandate imposes on Great Britain.

“The Mandates Commission further emphasized that self-governing institutions can only be developed in Palestine if the Arabs recognize the other part of the Mandate. The establishment of a legislative assembly in Palestine without simultaneous recognition by the Arabs of the other part of the Declaration stiplating the establishment of the Jewish National Home is a contradiction to the letter and spirit of the Mandate.

“I have confidence in the sense of fairness of the British people that they will see to it that justice will be done to the Jewish demand that the Mandate be carried out in full.”