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Saturday Review Attacks Passfield for Plan, Demands Revocation of Palestine Policy

In a violent attack on Lord Passfield for his White Paper on Palestine, the Saturday Review today demands that the government revoke the new Palestine policy and “dismiss those responsible for it”. The Saturday Review fears that the Mandate Commission will decide the new policy is a breach of the Palestine Mandate, and take that authority away from England.

“Great Britain must not be exposed to the humiliation of forfeiting the Mandate,” says the Review. “It is more than wrong that Jewry’s claims should be ignored at this moment because the Imperial conference is sitting, and the Indian conference is meeting soon.”

Hinting at the play of other forces which prevent a directly honest decision on the Palestine question, the Saturday Review says, “There isn’t a doubt that, but for the considerations which have nothing to do with Palestine, a vote of censure would be carried in Parliament.”

The Review strongly attacks Lord Passfield as responsible for all the trouble, and suggests that he deserves to be made the scapegoat and dismissed. “There is nothing upon which he touched that he hasn’t injured,” the Saturday Review concludes.