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Arab Paper Urges Government to Expropriate Jewish-owned Land for Benefit of Arabs

Government expropriation from the Jews of one million dunams of land now in their possession and the distribution of this land to the Arabs or else the improvement of the condition of the Arabs until such time when additional lands will be unnecessary is advocated by Aljamea al Arabia, the organ of the Grand Mufti’s party in criticizing the decision of the Arab Executive not to call a general strike on the anniversary of the issuance of the Balfour Declaration as has been the custom.

The Mufti’s organ asks that the government show its determination to correct past evils by depriving the Jews of land for the benefit of the Arabs. The Arab Executive was not entitled to cancel the annual strike on November 2, Aljamea al Arabia claims, because the Balfour Declaration still stands and “Palestine has not been given complete independence. Hasn’t the Executive realized that the British statement of policy does not depart from its previous policy?” the Mufti’s mouthpiece asks in deprecating the alleged delay of the Executive in taking a definite stand against the new policy.