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Hitlerite Organ Demands Reich Act Against Jews Who Seek to Destroy Germany, Austria

“If the present German government does not want to fight Jewish attempts to destroy Germany and Austria nothing remains but for all race conscious Germans to unite under the leadership of Hitler to combat these Jews who are a weltpest,” the Voelkische Beobachter, organ of Adolf Hitler, writes in its current issue.

Reproducing in full the article written for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency by Winston Churchill on the White Paper, the Voelkische Beobachter emphasizes Churchill’s argument that the White Paper is an ungrateful act against the Zionists who supported the Allies during the World War. The Hitlerite mouthpiece interprets this argument as proof that organized Jewry is constantly conducting “well-planned activities to destroy the German-speaking countries.”

The Beobachter demands that the German government “take strenuous measures against this organized crime,” adding that if the government won’t do it, Hitler’s party will.