Agudath Dissociates Self from Vaad Leumi’s White Paper Stand
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Agudath Dissociates Self from Vaad Leumi’s White Paper Stand

The first sign of a break in the united front of the Palestine Jewish community, which has existed since immigration was stopped last May, is seen in a statement made public today by the central committee of the Agudath Israel, orthodox organization, deprecating the use of the term “Jewish community” by the Jewish National Council in its resolution rejecting the White Paper.

The Agudath, which is not affiliated with the National Council, points out that the Council does not represent the Agudath unless the latter expressly associates itself with the Council’s actions. The declarations of the National Council in connection with the White Paper contained expressions with which Orthodox Jewry, not belonging to the Council, is not associated, the Agudath says.

Its attitude to the White Paper was defined in a declaration to the executive of the World Agudath Israel and issued in complete harmony with the executive of the Palestine Agudath, the communique states.

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