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News Brief

Threatening the Jews with pogroms in case any Hitlerite leader in Germany is harmed, the Voelkischer Beobachter, organ of the German Fascists, yesterday came out with an accusation that the Jews are involved in plans to assassinate Adolph Hitler, leader of the National-Socialist party.

After reporting that in the province of Pfalz a number of Communists were arrested on suspicion of attempting to assassinate Hitler, the Beobachter says:

“The Bolsheviks are turning from revolvers to bombs, which have been invented by Jewish minds. The plan to assassinate Hitler shows that Judah is employing every means to capture and destroy the German movement of liberation.

“We want no pogroms, but it will be a sad day for the Jewish wire-pullers if the least harm will come to any National-Socialist leader. The people will then vent their wrath towards the guilty ones in a manner such as Germany has never before seen.”