English Zionist Leaders Uneasy over Negotiations with Britain
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English Zionist Leaders Uneasy over Negotiations with Britain

A feeling of uneasiness prevails now among the leaders of the English Zionist Federation regarding the negotiations between the Jewish Agency and the British government. A number of the Federation’s leaders today expressed themselves as not being optimistic regarding the outcome of the negotiations.

Pointing out, however, that this is no time to break off negotiations, these same leaders are of the opinion that the Zionist Executive should continue its political fight against the government, and particularly against the Colonial Office and Lord Passfield until its demands are granted. They also urge that the fight be conducted within such limits as will make it clear that it is not against Great Britain but only against the present government.

They also predict that the forthcoming world Zionist Congress at Carlsbad will be an aggressive body. The Zionist Revisionists today came out with a warning to the Zionist Executive that it should remember that all its negotiations must be submitted to the Actions Committee and approved by the Zionist Congress which may reject them.

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