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Kalinin Hopes Jews Will Organize Own Republic in Soviet, Preferably at Bidjan

Michael Kalinin, president of the Central Executive Committee of the U. S. S. R., reiterated his hope here today that the Jews would organize their own republic in the Soviet Union, preferably in Bira Bidjan. At the same time, however, he stressed the need of upholding the Jewish colonies in Crimea, where the Jews have shown signs of great progress.

M. Kalinin expressed that hope in an address at today’s session of the conference of the Ozet, the society to settle Jews on land, which is now being held here. He also expressed extreme satisfaction with the great adaptibility Jews have shown in land-work in various parts of the Soviet Republic.

“The rise of the Jewish peasantry is truly remarkable, especially in view of the fact that the old regime kept them from settling on land by force. The Jews have mastered a crisis which four years ago threatened their very existence,” M. Kalinin said, adding that the declassed Jews have found new fields of activity as a result of the Five Year Plan.