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Memorial Services for Lord Melchett Everywhere

Expression of condolence to Lady Melchett, and announcements of memorial services for Lord Melchett, chairman of the council of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, who died Saturday, continued. In New York, Rabbi Lazar Shonfeld of the Congregation Bnai David, president of the United Rabbis of East Bronx, will conduct a radio memorial service on Thursday at 4:15 p. m. over Station W.P.C.H. The Rembe Double Choir will assist in the services.

The World Organization of Jewish Women through Rebekah Kohut, president, conveyed the following message to Lady Melchett: “The World Organization of Jewish Women deeply mourns the loss of a great leader in world Jewry, whose influence was exercised for the welfare of his people everywhere. We extend our deepest sympathy.”