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Italian Government Appoints Turin Chief Rabbi As Government-commissioner to Look After Interests of

Dr. Disegni, former Chief Rabbi of Turin, who has been appointed by the Italian Government as Government Commissioner to the Jewish Communities in the Italian colony of Tripoli in North Africa, has been received by the Governor-General of Tripoli, Marshall Pietro Badoglio, to whom he has presented a detailed programme of school education for the Jewish population of Tripoli.

The programme provides for the establishment, with the aid of the Government, of a large Talmud Torah school building, in which 3,000 Jewish school children would be able to obtain their education. Meanwhile, Dr. Disegni urged, the public schools in the Jewish quarter should, in addition to teaching the usual subjects, set aside a due proportion of the school curriculum for Jewish instruction.

Marshall Badoglio promised that he would examine the proposals made by Rabbi Disegni, and would see to it that the educational needs of the Jewish population of Tripoli should be satisfied.