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Parcels to Relatives in Soviet Russia: Not Advised Because of Heavy Duties and New Regulations Restr

New Soviet regulations governing the sending of parcels to relatives in the Soviet contries are reported by the Federation of Jewish Relief Organisations of Great Britain, which has recently been making enquiries into this question. According to the new regulations, it says, no individual can receive more than five kilos during the year, including packing, of any of the following foodstuffs: rice, flour and other cereals; fat and fruit conserves; meat and meat products; fish and soap. On fats and fruit the duty is 20 per cent. of the value of the goods; on conserves 10 roubles per kilo; on meat and meat products 3 roubles per kilo; on fish 100 per cent of the value, and on soap, of which only 1 kilo can be sent, 250 roubles per kilo. Only one suit of clothes can be sent, and not more than six pairs of seeks or stockings, on which there is a duty of 125 roubles per kilo, and one pair of boots or shoes, with a duty of 150 roubles per kilo.

In view of the heavy duties the Federation states, it is considered impracticable for parcels to be sent to individuals, and it advises those who wish to help their relatives in Russia to do so by forwarding cash, which can be safely transmitted through any bank.

The Federation the statement adds, is endeavouring to obtain a reduction in the duties on foodstuffs.