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Sir George Newman Chief Government Medical Officer Pays Tribute to Jewish Health Organisation’s Chil

The work of the child Guidance Clinic, established by the Jewish Health Organisation of Great Britain, is mentioned with approval in the annual report of Sir George Newman, the Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Education, which has just been published by His Majesty’s Stationery Office. Of the independent clinics, Sir George writes in the section of the report dealing with child guidance clinics, that established by the Jewish Health Organisation of Great Britain was the first in the field. Work under the school medical service, Sir George explains, is mainly directed towards the maintenance of good health and the ascertainment and treatment of early and slight departures from the normal in order to prevent these minor becoming major defects. The child guidance clinic performs a similar function with regard to mental hygiene. Its primary duty is the ascertainment, study and correction of minor abnormalities, which if left to themselves may eventually lead to gross aberrations of conduct, delinquency and crime. After tracing at some length the course of development of the work done by the Jewish Child Guidance Clinic, and the nature of the cases dealt with by it, Sir George adds that for complete and detailed records “I would refer the readers to an article on ‘Child Mental Hygiene; Its History, Methods and Problems’, by Dr. Noel H. M. Burke and Dr. Emanuel Miller, the psychiatrists to the child guidance clinic of the Jewish Health Organisation of Great Britain, in the British Journal of Medical Psychology”.