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Communists Claim Successes Among Palestine Arabs: “pushing Forward Arabisation” Says Moscow Report

Characterising the Congress of the Palestine Communist party in December as an “important turning-point in the Communist movement in Arab countries”, “Pravda” states that the Congress, at which the Arab delegates for the first time equalled the Jewish in numbers, pushed forward the Arabisation of the Central Committee, in which the Arabs are outnumbered by the Jews, says a Moscow report appearing in the “Manchester Guardian” to-day.

Declaring that Zionist Chauvinism represents the main danger within the ranks of Palestine Communists, “Pravda” indicates a future development of Communist activity in Palestine by the following comment, the report adds: “The sharpening of the struggle with Imperialism and Zionism in Palestine raises the question of the Palestine Communist party. The successful activity of Communist parties in Arab countries is impossible without strong trade union organisation under revolutionary leadership, embracing the masses of Arab workers, or without the establishment of the closest connection with fellahin and Bedouins on the basis of the demands of agrarian revolution.