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Dr. Magnes’s Appointment to Agricultural Council Surprising Says Palestine Labour Daily Particularly

The Government seems anxious to put Dr. Magnes in the foreground artificially creating a position for him, the Labour daily “Davar” complains in commenting on the Government’s appointment of the new Agricultural Council, in which Dr. J. L. Magnes, the Chancellor of the Hebrew University, is one of the Jewish members.

In general, the “Davar” welcomes the appointment of the Agricultural Council by the Government, but it expresses surprise that Dr. Magnes, who, it says, is not qualified in economic, social and technical matters, should be among the Jewish members. The Hebrew University, of which Dr. Magnes is Chancellor, it writes, has no relation to agricultural matters and Dr. Magnes does not represent any colonising bodies. The Government has apparently made a political choice, the “Davar” suggests, but even politically, it says, Dr. Magnes does not represent the Jewish public. The Jewish public cannot recognise his appointment it declares, and it is especially surprising that he should be appointed and a man like Dr. Wilkansky, who is the leading expert on Jewish and Arab agriculture work in Palestine should not be appointed.

The “Dear Hayom”, too, criticises Dr. Magnes’s appointment, saying that it was the Jewish Agency Executive that made the appointment, after long negotiations with the Government.

The Directorate of the Hebrew University has issued a reply, declaring that Dr. Magnes was invited to join the Commission in his capacity as Chancellor of the Hebrew University, which has many Departments engaged in both theoretical and practical agricultural research work.