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Hitlerists’ Allies in Thuringian Coalition Government Jib at Attempted Prohibition of Shechita in St

The anxiety of the Hitlerists, who have been putting motions for the prohibition of Shechita as a concerted move in all the Parliaments and municipalities in which they are represented it forge through a probibition of Shechita in the State of thuringia, where they hold the balance of power between the Right and the Left, and in return for their support of the Right Government, have been given the Ministries of the Interior and of Education, both held by their leader, Dr. Frick, has precipitated Government crisis, the two Parties associated with the Hitlerists in the Thuringian Government, the Agricultural League and the Economic Party, both declaring that they are going to vote against the Bill for the prohibition of Shechita, which Dr. Frick, as Minister of the Interior, has presented to the Thuringian Parliament at Weimar.

All the Chambers of Commerce in Thuringia have come out in opposition to a prohibition of Shechita, declaring that it would be harmful to the economic interests of the country.

The Hitlerist Party insists, however, that the Bill must be passed by the Parliament, otherwise they will withdraw their support from the Right Parties, who alone have no majority over the Left. thus forcing a dissolution and fresh elections, in which they are confident they will be returned with an independent majority.