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Anti-jewish Boycott Proclaimed by Palestine Arab Executive: Sell Jews Everything but Land and Buy No

Sell Jews everything but land, and buy from Jews nothing except land, the old slogan of the Palestine Arab boycott movement against the Jews has been revived by the Palestine Arab Executive in a proclamation which it has issued to-day, signed by Jemal Husseini, the Secretary, urging all Arab political and social organisations to spread the boycott idea, without, however, using “noise or threats”. It appeals expecially to the Arab women, who, it says, have demonstrated their ability in this regard, to serve as an example in encouraging Arab industry and preserving the honour of the Arab nation.

The proclamation appeals to the Arab merchants not to exploit the boycott for private gain, by charging higher prices (the accusation which was made against them during the boycott proclaimed after the outbreak of August 1929). It further calls on the Arab population to follow Ghandi’s example and discard foreign costume and wear only national Arab dress, thus demonstrating the true Arab national spirit.