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Hitlerist Government in Thuringia Censured: Appointment of Antisemitic Professor of Raceology at Jen

Dr. Guenther, the leading authority on “scientific antisemitism”, who was recently appointed as Professor of the antisemitic science of “Raceology” at the world-famous University of Jena, by the Hitlerist Minister of Education Dr. Frick, has been made the target for the attack the Thuringian Parliament is making against the Hitlerist regime, which is to face a vote of no confidence, assured of a safe majority by the People’s Party, hitherto in alliance with the Hitlerists having now joined the Opposition.

The Diet, says a resolution adopted to-day by the Budget Commission, which is now going to the plenary session, disapproves the appointment of the Hitlerist race theoretician, Dr. Guenther, to the professorship of Raceology at Jena University, since no scientific need exists for such a branch of research and the setting up of such a Chair is therefore entirely unnecessary.