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Not Antisemitic nor Anti-roumanian Ministry of Education Claims in J.t.a. Interview Regarding New Mo

The letter received here from Professor Balthazard, the Dean of the Medical Faculty of Paris University, with regard to the proposed restrictions against foreign students of medicine at Paris University is of a private character, intended to draw the attention of the Roumanian Universities to the fact that the French Government is preparing a law for the protection of its own medical men against foreign competition, M. Ionescu, the Director of the Ministry of Education here, explained to the J.T.A. representative here to-day. The move is not antisemitic nor anti-Roumanian, he said, nor in the least intended to be in the character of a numerus clausus. What was intended was to enforce a more severe method of selection of students by means of examinations. The Roumanian Government, he added, is now in correspondence with Paris, in order to clear up the situation.