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President Hindenburg’s Iron Hand: Special Decree Published Giving Government Drastic Powers Against

Field Marshal von Hindenburg, the President of the German Republic, has issued a special decree under the dictatorial Article 48 of the Constitution, in view of the menace to political life, presented by the terrorist activities of certain parties (Hitlerists and Communists), giving the police power to prohibit meetings, and confiscate newspapers, placards and leaflets which they have reason to fear are insulting to publicly recognised religions. The police are also given power to imprison for a minimum of three months anyone who publicly calls for acts of violence against individuals or collective groups.

The Federal Minister of the Interior, Dr. Wirth, in a circular explaining the decree states that the violent antisemitic agitation has caused President Hindenburg to issue the decree, because the leaders of the Christian churches, as well as the leaders of the Jewish faith, have repeatedly intervened with him to obtain protection for their faith.