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Jews to Have Full and Equal Rights in Spain: Ordinance Drawn Up by New Spanish Government and Will B

An ordinance granting full and equal rights to all citizens of Spain has been drawn up by the new Republican Government and will be promulgated soon, Mr. Dov Hos, special J.T.A. representative, was informed in the course of interviews which he has had here with the Ministers of Justice, Finance, and the Interior. The Jews in Spain will unquestionably enjoy all privileges which are enjoyed by other citizens, they assured him, and will be subjected to no discriminations whatever.

The Ministers showed themselves anxious to have the determination of the new Republican Government to extend full justice to the Jews brought to the notice of the public opinion of the world.

There will be no restriction of any sort, they further declared, in respect to Jewish immigration into Spain, save that immigration generally must be kept within the bounds of the economic possibilities of the country.

The Under-Secretary of State for Labour told the J.T.A. representative that he greatly favours the idea of Jews coming into Spain.

The present Government of Spain, the Ministers also assured the J.T.A. representative, are in no way opposed to the establishment of a Jewish National Home in Palestine. While this point is beyond doubt, they added, the matter is one, however, which belongs to the domain of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, and in his absence they could not say anything more on the subject.