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Election of Delecates to Zionist Congres England Sending Ten Delegates This Time

Palestine is expected to send about 38 delegates to the forthcoming Zionist Congress, the J.T.A. learns, the United States 28, England ten (as against 9 last time – 6 in London and 4 in the provinces), Western Galicia 11, Czecho-Slovakia 11, Germany 9, Scuth Africa 8, Lithuania 6, Jugo-Slavia 4, Austria 4, and Belgium 2.

This is in accordance with the number of Shekolim sold in each country during the last two years, which are as follows: 85,000 in the U.S.; 32,000 in Western Galicia; 31,500 in Czecho-Slovakia; 28,500 in South Africa; 16,500 in Lithuania; 13,000 in jugo-Slavia; 10,500 in Austria, and 4,600 in Belgium. The figures with regard to a number of countries, including Poland and Roumania, have not yet been received.

The election of delegates to the Zionist Congress, the J.T.A. is further informed, will take place in about 45 countries between the period of May 24th. to June 7th.