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Russian Antisemites Sent to Prison: Six Years and Five Years Hard Labour for Tormenting Jewish Facto

The Supreme Court in White Russia passed heavy sentences to-day on two antisemites, Stefanov and Sossinovsky, who about a fortnight ago set upon a Jewish workman in their factory named Nevelevsky, and put a rope round his neck, several times drawing the noose as if to hang him. Once Nevelevsky fainted under their hands, and they undid the noose, but as soon as he recovered, they again fastened it and put him through the same ordeal.

They had a grudge against Nevelevsky, because he was turning out better work in the factory Izpolit No. 2, in Ossopovitch, in the Minsk district, where they are all employed, and had in that way gained the title of “Industrial Shock Trooper”.

Stefanov, the ringleader in the outrage, has been sentenced to six years’ hard labour, to be followed by deprivation of all civil rights for five years, and Sossinovsky, has been sentenced to five years hard labour and five years’ deprivation of rights. The sentences were received with applause by the crowded court.