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Another Stoppage of Palestine Immigration?: Government Grants Only 500 Certificates of 1,415 Asked F

Only 500 immigration certificates have been granted by the Palestine Government on account of 1,415 asked for by the Jewish Agency Executive, and all of them are for relatives of residents and for people who entered on tourist visas and who now wish to remain permanently in Palestine.

The Jewish Agency Executive is reserving the right of appeal, the J.T.A. understands, against this drastic curtailment. The Executive is protesting vigorously because the Immigration Department of the Palestine Government has decreed that even these certificates are available only for applicants who have registered with the Government, not with the Jewish Agency.

The decision means that there is not one single immigration certificate available for Haluzim, the entire Schedule being allocated for a class of immigrants who do not require immigration certificates, the Palestine Hebrew Labour daily “Davar” complains with indignation. The decision, it says, means actually the suspension of immigration into Palestine.