Jewish Welfare Work in Vienna Endangered by Economic Crisis
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Jewish Welfare Work in Vienna Endangered by Economic Crisis

The growing economic distress in the Vienna Jewish community is affecting its social welfare activities to such an extent that a special meeting of the Community has had to be held to consider what action can be taken to find the funds to keep the work going. The acute poverty of the Jewish population of Vienna, looked like becoming chronic, Professor Zappert said at the meeting. Not only officials and shop assistants are out of employment on account of the general reductions of staff, but doctors, teachers, engineers, lawyers, and other members of the liberal professions were applying for help to the Community. Of 204 children examined for the summer holiday fund, 100 were tubercular.

Not merely people who had previously been comfortably placed, but actually former magnates were now reduced to having to ask the Jewish Community for charitable aid, Madame Ullman said.

Professor Pick, the President of the Vienna Jewish Community, said that they must do everything possible to save their welfare work. The immediate launching of a big campaign for funds was decided on by the meeting.

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