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German People Don’t Give a Lump of Dirt for Einstein’s Theory Hitlerists Say: Germany Been Enslaved

The German people do not give a lump of dirt for Einstein’s theory, reads a passage in a new book which has appeared here, in which the author, Herr Schultze-Pfaelzer attempts for the first time to lay down a philosophical basis for Hitlerism, using for the purpose his conversations with three prominent leaders of the Hitlerist movement, Otto Strasser, Major Buchdrucker, and Herbert Blanck, reproduced in the book in the form of dialogue between them and himself.

The German people has for centuries been enslaved by the spirit of abstract theory, Herbert Blanck sums up the Hitlerst philosophy, and what we are doing is to liberate it from this spirit.

Back to Barbarism is the war cry of the Hitlerist movement, it is stated elsewhere in the book, for we hold that humanity does not progress, and that the history of the world goes round and round in cycles.