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Jew Attacked by Hitlerists in Berlin Street: Follow to House Where He Seeks Refuge and Threaten Port

While a Jew named Reinhold Fiedler was waiting in the street for a motor bus, a group of five Hitlerists came up and started making fun of him, proceeding presently to hit him. Fiedler ran away and took refuge in a neighbouring house, where the Hitlerists followed him, knocked him down, and best him, inflicting serious injury. The House Porter tried to rescue him from his assailants, whereupon the Hitlerists turned on the Porter, who fearing for his life-fired his revolver. One of the Hitlerists, Wolfgang Huth, was hit and fatally wounded. The police have arrested the Porter and the other Hitlerists, among them a notorious agitator named Karl Hartung, formerly a courier of the ex-Kaiser Wilhelm, who claims to be the illegitimate son of the ex-Kaiser and his present (second) wife, Princess Hermine.