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New Antisemitic Disturbances at Vienna University: Can’t Provide Guard for Every Jewish Student Univ

Fresh antisemitic disturbances broke out at Vienna University to-day, in the course of which ten Jewish students were seriously injured. They had their clothes literally torn off them, and their wounds had to be bandaged for them at the police station where they went to lodge their complaint. The disturbances started with an attack launched by the Hitlerist students on the Socialist students, but they soon changed it to one against the Jewish students.

After a deputation of Jewish students had visited the Police Presidium, a force of police was sent to the University, where they soon restored order and arrested about a dozen of the Hitlerist students.

The reply given by the Recto rate of the University to the representatives of the Jewish students was that it is impossible to provide a special guard for every Jewish student. The Jewish Community is making a formal protest to the Government against the tone of the reply.

The University authorities have since issued orders that all students must show their papers before they are admitted to the University in order to keep out non-students who come into the University grounds for the purpose of creating disorder. The authorities are hopeful that the Whitsun holidays will bring about a complete restoration of order.