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President of Mexico Attending Demonstration of Thanksgiving for Elimination of Jewish Traders: Appro

The action of the President of the Mexican Republic, Senor Rubio, in granting permission for a big mass demonstration next Monday, arranged by the Union of Mexican Small Traders against Jewish traders, at which about 40,000 Mexicans will publicly acknowledge their thankfulness to the President for the assistance he has given them in fighting against the Jewish traders, is causing greater anxiety than ever among the Jewish population here, particularly as the President himself is going to be present at the demonstration.

The President has also approved a request made to him establishing June 1st. as a legal holiday to celebrate the expulsion of Jewish traders from the public markets.

Although the Government has not taken any action to put a stop to the anti-Jewish agitation, it is insisted, however, in official quarters that there is no ground for any undue alarm on the part of the Jews. Disorders are unlikely, it is said, and if any occurred they would be sternly repressed by the authorities. The Mexican people, the J.T.A. representative is assured, are not antisemitic, and the anti-Jewish campaign is based entirely on economic grounds, without any religious or cultural background whatever. High officials, nevertheless, look upon the anti-Jewish campaign with complete passiveness, and any attempt made to discuss the problem with them or to question the action of the authorities in allowing the agitation to go on is met with a definite refusal to speak on the subject.