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No Examination of Development Scheme Possible This Session Since New Investigation to Be Made: Legis

During the afternoon sessions the members of the Mandates Commission directed questions to Dr. Shiels regarding his statement on the Development Plan.

Mr. Van Rees, the Vice-Chairman of the Commission, the J.T.A. representative learns, compared the conclusions in the White Paper with the terms employed by Mr. MacDonald in his letter of authoritative interpretation, and pointed out that there were inconsistencies between the two documents.

The Palestine Legislative Council question was also discussed, in regard to the powers it would posses.

In League of Nations circles, it is considered that Dr. Shiels’ statement means that the British Government is dropping the Simpson Report, since the new Director of Development will have to make new investigations on the spot, and under the circumstances, it is understood, the Commission will not be able to examine the Development Scheme during the present session.

Dr. Shiels is leaving Geneva to-morrow by air, the J.T.A. Representative learns. He received a telephone message from the Government to-day calling him back to London, in order to be in Parliament during the critical vote that is expected to-morrow night, which, unless a compromise is reached at the last minute between the Government and the Liberal Party, may load to the defeat and resignation of the Government, and a general election.