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Liberal Regime Restored in Berlin Jewish Community in All Departments: Director Wilhelm Kleeman Elec

Herr Wilhelm Kleeman, Director of the Dresden Bank, was elected President of the Berlin Jewish Community at to-day’s meeting of the Board (as was forecast in the J.T.A. Bulletin). Herr Leo Wolff, also a member of the Federation of Liberal Jews, and Herr Adolf Schoyer (Conservative) have been elected Vice-Presidents. The Zionists are not represented in the Presidium, the Liberals having refused to elect their representative, Herr Georg Kareski, the former President of the Community.

The allocation of departments makes it clear that the Liberals are going to restore Liberal administration in all branches of activity of the Community. Herr Georg Kareski and Dr. Kollenscher have for this reason, it appears, been removed from the Departments of Finance and Schools respectively, and put in charge instead of the minor Departments of Library and Justice.