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Sephardic Jews in Juco-slavia Feel at Home in Jugo-slavia and Have No Intention of Leaving Land for

The Jugo-Slavian Jews have no reason for returning to Spain, the land of their forefathers, M. Leo A. Amar writes in an article appearing in the “Vreme”, one of the leading dailies here, which has attracted a great deal of attention as expressing the attitude of the Sephardic Jews of Jugo-Slavia to the new situation in Spain as it affects the Sephardic Jews throughout the world.

The Jews feel themselves at home in Jugo-Slavia, he says. The people of Jugo-Slavia, more than any other people in the world, “love each brother, no matter what his faith”. The Jugo-Slavian Jews all through the centuries were never persecuted in Jugo-Slavia, and they have no intention of leaving the land for whose liberty and victory they shed their blood.