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Jews Also Hold Mass Meeting to Protest Against Antisemitism at Vienna University: Antisemites and Co

A Jewish mass meeting was held here this evening to protest against the continuing antisemitic campaign at the University. A number of antisemites and Communists who managed to find their way into the meeting were ejected when they tried to create a disturbance.

The Rector of the University has issued a statement warning the German-race students against continuing their anti-Jewish violence, pointing out that if they do not desist, the Government may withdraw the right of autonomy at present enjoyed by the University, as the Governor of the Vienna Province, Herr Seitz (who is also Lord Mayor of Vienna City), and the Jewish Community are urging it to do, and order the police to enter even the University halls to put down the fighting and arrest the student aggressors. In addition, it is pointed out, the Jewish students have established a self-defence organisation, so that the fighting will not be all on one side.

The University will be reopened on Wednesday if order is assured, it is stated, and there will also be a partial reopening of the other High Schools.